I love love love those editorials and ads where models are photographed jumping...I know there's many people that can't stand them or don't get why they are jumping (for not a good reason, in many occasions)...but I love them, the girls ususally look so relaxed and happy in them (with some exceptions...see last pic).
I can't help but think...do they really jump, or do they need some help or a trick?
The official jumping expert is Caroline Trentini...Anna Wintour loves showing her like that at least once a year.

(Carmen, Liya and Stella, jumping in flats)

(Caroline Trentini, with the boys from the Billy Elliot musical, Vogue US September 2008)

(Caroline Trentini jumps in all the pics in this editorial from Vogue US September 2007)

(Lacoste ad...all the ads from last years show the models jumping)

(Natalia Vodianova as Twiggy, Vogue US May 2009)

(Natalia again, for Vogue US September 2005)

(Raquel Zimmermann, Vogue US April 2008)

(Richard Avedon jumps with Twiggy, back in the 60s)

(I don't know what I feel about this jump...Agyness Deyn in Pop Magazine, 2008)


  1. i love models jumping too ^^ (and i consider richard avedon a genious!)
    about agyness deyn's jump... i think she's like falling... i like it =)

  2. Beautiful jump shots! I love how they demonstrate fluidity and motion in the designs they are flaunting.

  3. Hahahaha. The Agyness one is so funny and is not really considered jumping...but...FALLING. :P