This video made me cry.
Christian Lacroix is not exactly my favourite designer...but he IS Couture, he's the best example of the craziness of Haute Couture.
I hope he can still be creating those fabulous pieces in the future...because we need to keep dreaming, right?
I hope so, Monsieur Lacroix.



Lara, Vanessa and Lauren have in common (among other things)...
Their lovely fron teeth gap!

I'm aware that many people really can't stand it and find that gap ugly, but I love gap toothed people. Of course, when they are fabulous models it looks even better, haha.
I think it's very cute and beautiful!
And it can be iconic, like with these three ladies above.



These three beautiful women have something in common that I love (apart from a career in fashion, of course)...

What is it, what is it?

(Lara Stone)

(Vanessa Paradis)

(Lauren Hutton)