This video made me cry.
Christian Lacroix is not exactly my favourite designer...but he IS Couture, he's the best example of the craziness of Haute Couture.
I hope he can still be creating those fabulous pieces in the future...because we need to keep dreaming, right?
I hope so, Monsieur Lacroix.



Lara, Vanessa and Lauren have in common (among other things)...
Their lovely fron teeth gap!

I'm aware that many people really can't stand it and find that gap ugly, but I love gap toothed people. Of course, when they are fabulous models it looks even better, haha.
I think it's very cute and beautiful!
And it can be iconic, like with these three ladies above.



These three beautiful women have something in common that I love (apart from a career in fashion, of course)...

What is it, what is it?

(Lara Stone)

(Vanessa Paradis)

(Lauren Hutton)



Shocking news just minutes ago...

Michael Jackson just died...
I wasn't a big fan at all, and was very little or not even born when he was really big. And of course his life was defined by controversy.
For me, he represented all the excess and genious of the 80s...and the fact that having everything doesn't necessarly mean happiness, health or good mental shape.
But he was definitely an artist, and an icon, with a huge influence in music, art, dance, fashion...

I always thought of him, his attitude, the way he danced and his baroque style when I saw a Balmain jacket. And also thought of all the paradoxes I wrote about above...

I'm sure he will still be very influential on arts, and will always live on many people's minds and hearts...you know, icons never die, artists live forever...



I love love love those editorials and ads where models are photographed jumping...I know there's many people that can't stand them or don't get why they are jumping (for not a good reason, in many occasions)...but I love them, the girls ususally look so relaxed and happy in them (with some exceptions...see last pic).
I can't help but think...do they really jump, or do they need some help or a trick?
The official jumping expert is Caroline Trentini...Anna Wintour loves showing her like that at least once a year.

(Carmen, Liya and Stella, jumping in flats)

(Caroline Trentini, with the boys from the Billy Elliot musical, Vogue US September 2008)

(Caroline Trentini jumps in all the pics in this editorial from Vogue US September 2007)

(Lacoste ad...all the ads from last years show the models jumping)

(Natalia Vodianova as Twiggy, Vogue US May 2009)

(Natalia again, for Vogue US September 2005)

(Raquel Zimmermann, Vogue US April 2008)

(Richard Avedon jumps with Twiggy, back in the 60s)

(I don't know what I feel about this jump...Agyness Deyn in Pop Magazine, 2008)


Looking back to the 90s, there were so many "power couples", some of which are now surprising and most of them fascinating in terms of style. I know the 90s are probably not the most amazing decade in fashion, but I also feel that what it was precisely that "confusion" in the time what makes the 90s very interesting...

(Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, photographed by Herb Ritts for UK Vogue in 1991)

(Iconic grunge "royal" family: Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and little Frances Bean)

(My favourites...indie couple Harmony Korine and ChloƩ Sevigny looking stunning)

(Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis pairing the 20s look with that hairstyle in the Oscars)

(The model, the rocker and the bandana: Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour)



They look quite similar to me...

(Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 RTW)

(Prada Fall 2009 RTW)